Turn of the 20th Century

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About Peirce:

Turn of the 20th Century

In 1901, the Spanish-American Department was created to attract students from Latin-American Countries. Courses in English and Spanish were offered to support international students. A study in 1907 showed that of 1,451 respondents (Peirce graduates) who had been in the business world ten or more years, over 1,000 were business owners, or held top executive positions with banking, manufacturing, or commercial firms.

By 1914, Peirce had outgrown the facilities. The move to its current location at 1420 Pine Street was accomplished in 1915. Facilities were state of the art, with a library, restaurant, gymnasium, showers, bowling alley, elevators, and filtered drinking water delivered to fountains every day.

That same year, a Building and Loan Association was formed "to assist boys and girls, who are just starting their business careers, affording them a safe investment for their surplus earnings which will yield them a satisfactory income, and teach the rudiments of economy."

1917 saw the advent of World War I. Peirce was renamed the Peirce School of Business Administration. Special "War Courses" were taught to meet the demand for clerical workers in the public and draft-depleted private sectors. These courses were offered to the local Armed Forces at no charge. Peirce continued to refine its courses with the addition of Real Estate Law and Conveyencing.

In 1920, the school restructured, offering a two-year option in the Business Administration curriculum. These were university level business programs, without the general "cultural" requirements.

The school entered the realm of intercollegiate sports in 1926. Athletics had long been an important part of the school's curriculum; in fact, international tennis champion Bill Tilden was a Peirce graduate. The 1925 U.S. Open tennis final was an all Peirce event - the victor, Tilden, was pitted against Wallace F. Johnson, also a Peirce school alumnus. These two are just among the many illustrious graduates that Peirce has produced over its long history. In 2000, Tilden was named to the Sports Illustrated's List of the Top 100 Athletes of the 20th Century.

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