IT Certifications

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IT Certifications

Most of the IT courses in the Peirce College curriculum have an industry standard test equivalent. Students should consult with their Enrollment Representative or Academic Advisor if they would like to apply an industry test or certification for IT course credit.

The College maintains an updated list of industry certifications that students can use to verify work experience. Students may use their industry credentials that may not apply directly, as documentation, to prove proficiency in a lower level course, as long as the test credentials and objectives match the course outcomes and the student completely addresses them in the learning essay.


If the Credit for Work Experience is approved, the title of the course, credit hours and notation of Credit for Work Experience will be recorded on the student's permanent record. The credit hours earned for work experience are not included in the calculation of the student's grade point average. Please see current fee schedule for exact fee.

If the evaluator requests additional information from the student before granting credit, the student will receive a pending notification and an explanation of what must be added or amended. The Credit for Work Experience documentation may only be resubmitted once, prior to the end of the following 14-week period. Should the Credit for Work Experience be denied, the fee would be applied toward future tuition charges at Peirce College within one year from date of denial. If the Credit for Work Experience submission is denied, the student may not subsequently seek Credit for Work Experience or test out for this same course but must enroll in the actual course for credit.