Credit by Examination

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Credit by Examination

At the sole discretion of the College, a student who is currently enrolled at Peirce College and pursuing a degree or certificate may apply for credit by examination (or test out) in certain subjects. In order for a student to receive credit by examination, he/she must comply with the following process:

  • The student must obtain prior written approval from his/her academic advisor.
  • The student may take the exam to test out of a course only one time per course.
  • A student may not test out of a course that he/she previously completed with a grade lower than a C or received an I (Incomplete) or W (Withdrawal).
  • The non-refundable fee for Credit by Examination must be paid before scheduling the test with the Mary W. Walker '33 Center for Academic Excellence. If the student does not successfully test out of the course, the fee will be credited toward future tuition charges at Peirce College within one calendar year from date of test out.
  • Students may pay the test out fee through the Business Office at 1-888.467.3472, x9600 or
  • The student must complete the test within the scheduled time and follow test-taking procedures as outlined by the test administrator.
  • For more information regarding credit by examination, including which exams are available, contact the Walker Center for Academic Excellence at
    1-888.467.3472, x9251 or
  • Please note that test out credits may not be transferable to all institutions.

Available Test Outs and Percentage Needed to Pass

ACC 101: Accounting Principles I - 80%

ACC 201: Financial Accounting I - 80%

BIS111: Application Software Fundamentals - 80%

BUS 100: Introduction to Business - 73%

FIN 201: Introduction to Finance - 73%

HIS 250: Global Cultures I - 75%

INT101: Introduction to International Business and Cultures - 73%

ITN 100: Introduction to Information Technology - 80%

LAW113: Law in America - 73%

MAT 102: College Algebra - 75%

ECO101: Macroeconomics - 73%

ECO102: Microeconomics - 73%

ECO340: International Economics - 73%

ECO350: Managerial Economics - 73%