Credit for Work Experience

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Credit for Work Experience

At the sole discretion of the College, students may seek academic credit for work experience obtained prior to enrollment at the College when job responsibilities are similar to the learning outcomes for a particular course. Students may not submit for Credit for Work Experience for a course that he/she has previously completed with a grade lower than a C or received an I (Incomplete) or W (Withdrawal). To apply for credit for work experience, the student must comply with the following process:

  • Provide a personal resume identifying the job held and specific responsibilities. Credit for Work Experience may be awarded for currently or previously held jobs.
  • Submit a reference letter from the appropriate manager/supervisor documenting the nature, frequency, and duration of the work experience that is related to the course. For example, if applying for credit for work experience for Accounting Principles I, the letter should describe duties, responsibilities, length of service, and level of competence in the accounting department.
  • Write an essay that demonstrates how the learning objectives for the course have been met by the work experience.
  • Provide documentation such as job descriptions, certificates, examples/samples of work, awards, performance evaluations, licenses, dates and times of participation in the activity, letters or memos supporting participation, or anything else that would help to prove/confirm work experience.

Students should consult with the designated Faculty Chair prior to constructing the work experience document. The completed document is to be submitted to the Manager, On Campus Academic Advising. It is in the student's best interest to submit documentation during his/her first 14-week period at Peirce College.

Students may include a course's final project as part of the Credit for Work Experience documentation that they submit, along with the learning essay required, to show that they meet the course outcomes as outlined in the syllabus.

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