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General Education:

2012-2013 Core Curriculum Courses

The purpose of general education courses is to expose students to a variety of the crucial building blocks needed in all fields of study. The following courses constitute the general education curriculum for the associate degree and for the bachelor's degree.

For associate degree programs, the Core Curriculum consists of:

  • 2 English/Communication courses
    (one of which must be English 101)
  • 2 Mathematics courses
  • 2 Social Science courses
  • 1 Humanities/History course
  • 1 Science course
  • 1 Technology course

For bachelor's degree programs, the Core Curriculum consists of:

  • 3 English/Communication course
  • 3 Humanities/History courses
  • 4 Social Science courses
  • 3 Mathematics course
  • 2 Science course
  • 1 General Education course elective
  • 1 Technology course
English/Communications Core Area
COM 112 Effective Speech Communication
COM 202 Intercultural Communication
COM 345 Advanced Communication Skills
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 202 Introduction to Literature
ENG 205 American Literature
ENG 325 Shakespeare in Context
ENG 120 Introduction to Spanish
Humanities/History Core Area
HUM 105 World Religions
HUM 107 Introduction to Gender Issues
HUM 108 Introduction to the African American Experience
HUM 226 The History of 20th Century Art
HUM 275 Leadership & Ethics
HUM 106 The Great Thinkers
HUM 250 Western Intellectual History
HIS 105 U.S. History I
HIS 106 U.S. History II
HIS 250 Global Cultures I
HIS 260 Global Cultures II
HIS 320 African Civilizations
SPA 120 Introduction to Spanish
Mathematics Core Area
MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathematics
MAT 102 College Algebra
MAT 105 Probability and Statistics
MAT 109 Business Statistics I
MAT 210 Business Statistics II
MAT 213 Calculus I
MAT 214 Calculus II
MAT 355 Logical Reasoning
MAT 370 Applied Discrete Mathematics
Science Core Area
SCI 220 The Physical World
SCI 240 Anatomy and Physiology I
SCI 250 Anatomy and Physiology II
SCI 370 Environmental Science
Social Sciences Core Area
ECO 101 Macroeconomics
ECO 102 Microeconomics
ECO 340 International Economics
ECO 350 Managerial Economics
PSC 101 Introduction to American Government
PSC 255 Politics of Industrializing Countries
PSC 301 Comparative Government
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 270 Abnormal Psychology
SOC 240 Sociology of Behavior and Illness (formerly SOC 102)
SOC 101 General Sociology
SOC 240 Sociology of Behavior and Illness
Technology Core Area
BIS 109 Information Searching and Presentation
BIS 111 Application Software Fundamentals
BIS 322 Intermediate Office Applications
MIS 110 Usability Principles and Interaction Design
MIS 205 Ethical Management of Information Technology