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Technology Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology, Concentration in Technology Management

Students pursuing the bachelor's degree with this concentration learn applied management concepts, information systems auditing and security, Homeland Security, and project management. Students will take a variety of business, finance, and management courses to enhance their knowledge of business and the effective use of technology.

They will also develop critical thinking skills that will be invaluable in technology management positions in business, industry, and government. Upon completion of this degree, students will be well on their way to a challenging career as a business technology supervisor, department liaison, or project lead.

Associate in Science Degree in Information Technology, Concentration in Technology Management

This concentration provides students with a combination of business and technology courses. This allows students to use technology to solve business problems with practical case studies and coursework. Students will gain valuable knowledge in business fundamentals and ethics in Information Technology, along with Microsoft Office fundamentals, and network operating systems.

They will also learn how to integrate technology in the workplace to support business processes and functions. Key areas of study include Internet business applications and virtual teams. This concentration will benefit all students because of the group interaction and case studies.

Most Peirce associate degree holders move on to the bachelor's degree in this concentration.