International Focus

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International Focus:

General Education Courses for International Studies Focus

HUM 105 World Religions
HUM 107 Intro to Gender Issues
HUM 108 Intro to the African American Experience
HUM 225 Music and Art of the 20th Century
HUM 300 The Great Thinkers
HIS 250 Global Cultures I
HIS 260 Global Cultures II
HIS 320 African Civilizations
COM 202 Intercultural Communication C or better in ENG 101
ENG 202 Intro to Literature C or better in ENG 101
ENG 219 Essential Shakespeare C or better in ENG 101
ENG 330 Contemporary Literature C or better in ENG 101
Social Sciences
PSC 255 Politics of Industrializing Countries
PSC 301 Comparative Government
ECO 101 Macroeconomics
ECO 102 Microeconomics
ECO 340 International Economics C or better in ECO 101 and ECO 102; MAT 102, MAT 109, MAT 210 recommended
SCI 330 Environmental Science
Spanish Language Core Area
SPA 120 Introduction to Spanish This course may count as either ENG/COM or HUM/HIS
Other Courses
INT 101 Intro to International Business and Cultures C or better in MGT 101
MKT 305 International Marketing C or better in MKT 101