Goals and Objectives

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Paralegal Studies:

Goals and Objectives (Program Learning Outcomes)


The primary goal of the Peirce College Paralegal Studies Program is to prepare students for rewarding careers in the legal industry as paralegal professionals working under the direct supervision of lawyers in the public and private sector. Peirce College strives to prepare students with an understanding of the substantive knowledge and practical skills necessary to meet the standards of industry proficiency, professional integrity, and academic excellence that are expected and required to serve the legal community. As a means of assuring program quality, the College evaluates curriculum and services on a regular basis and incorporates changes identified through the evaluation process. In collaboration with legal practitioners, employers, and professional associations, the College continues working toward the ultimate goal of improving and increasing the utilization of paralegal services.


  1. Utilize critical and analytical thinking skills in paralegal work assignments
  2. Employ professional legal writing skills
  3. Develop and utilize legal research and investigative skills
  4. Communicate effectively in the legal profession
  5. Develop and utilize the management and organizational skills required to be an effective paralegal
  6. Identify, explain, and utilize the technology necessary to assist in the delivery of legal services
  7. Identify, explain, and abide by the ethical rules governing the conduct of paralegals and attorneys, including the limitations on the practice of law by non-lawyers, and the practical ramifications of the requirement that paralegals work under the direct supervision of lawyers*
  8. Articulate, explain, and promote the emerging role of the paralegal in the legal profession, the distinction and diversity of the different areas of legal practice, and the paralegal’s part in efficiently expanding the delivery of legal services to the public.

*It is important to note that paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law. Paralegals work under the direct supervision of attorneys.