Checklist for Success

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Getting Started:


1. Validate your account at

Go to and click on New Users and complete the new user registration.

2. Manage your finances.

You can check the status of your financial aid, complete a checklist for supporting documentation, and even view your aid awards all through under the My Finances tab.

3. Order your books.

We recommend that you order your books at least two to three weeks in advance. You can order your books through under the Student Services tab.

4. Make sure you have access to a computer and the Internet, outside of your work.

Peirce College requires all students to have a personal computer with Internet access and Peirce College has extended our discounted educational pricing to students. Visit and click on the Peirce Computer Store link. Please note that Peirce College is extending these benefits to our students but cannot provide technical support on services and products offered from our strategic partners. Support issues should be directed to the appropriate vendor.

5. Make sure you have Microsoft Office software.

A full licensed copy of Microsoft Office Professional for Personal Computers is available at no cost to Peirce students. You can view the application form through under the Student Services tab.

6. Make time for your school schedule.

Be prepared to allocate approximately 15-20 hours per week for each course that you are taking (including class time and homework time). Regularly schedule some "quiet time" to do your homework. If you live locally to the Peirce College campus, the library or computer lab is available.

7. Successfully complete a Peirce College Orientation Course


PRC 100, the Student Success Seminar, is a required three-credit orientation course for all new, returning, or transfer students with fewer than 15 college credits earned. This 7-week course will be offered both online and on campus. Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” to pass this course.

PRC100 includes:

  • Information about study, note-taking, time management, research, computer, and critical thinking skills.
  • Information on how to efficiently use the many resources of the college, from student support services and financial aid to career development services, from the online and on campus classroom and the Peirce library to career-specific student and professional organizations.
  • This course will teach students how to acquire and develop lifelong learning skills by providing the tools and habits needed to achieve educational, career, and personal success.

PRC 101, Peirce College 101, is a required one-credit orientation course for all returning or transfer students with 15 or more college earned credits. This 7-week course is offered primarily online. Students must earn a grade of “P” in this pass/fail course.

Peirce 101 is conveniently offered online and can be paid with Financial Aid (for students who meet Financial Aid eligibility requirements).

Peirce 101 includes:

  • Information about student services and College polices and procedures
  • Information about study skills, conducting research and the MLA (Modern Language Association) method of formatting research papers and documenting resources
  • College Student Inventory
  • Academic Advising
  • Support Services

Students must complete their designated orientation course within the first 14 weeks of enrollment. Students who do not successfully complete this course upon the initial attempt must immediately repeat it in the subsequent session. Students must take and pass their designated orientation course to continue enrollment at the College.

To register, students can contact the Admissions Office at 888.467.3472, ext. 9214, contact their Academic Advisor, or register through Financial Aid can be applied to the orientation courses for students who meet Financial Aid eligibility requirements.

For more information about PRC 100, PRC 101, or other support services for first year students, please visit the First Year initiative website at