Peirce College student awarded Joan Weldon Scholarship

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Peirce College student awarded Joan Weldon Scholarship

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Philadelphia, July 31, 2009 - Peirce College student Teresa Wilson is the 2009 recipient of the Joan Weldon Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually by the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP) to a student currently enrolled in a paralegal studies program who demonstrates academic excellence and exceptional community service.

The 2009 education chair for PAP, Babette Pace, who is also a member of the scholarship selection committee, emphasized that, "Teresa's community activities show a deep, long-term commitment. While we consider how the participants' view themselves in their potential career, and their expectations, we want them to know it is also a two-way street. We want students and paralegals to understand that it is important to give back to the community."

Peirce College Legal Studies Professor Carol J. Sherman, J.D., wrote a recommendation for Wilson. What made Teresa Wilson a good candidate for the award? "She is incredibly enthusiastic," Professor Sherman said. "She has enormous passion for this profession and is very focused. Teresa always wants to go the extra mile and continually wants to improve."

"It is a big honor to know that the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals, supports you the way it does," Wilson said when she received the award. "The professors at Peirce have helped me tremendously. This is my second time through college and not a single professor I met before is comparable to the professors at Peirce. They are amazing people-they not only have a classroom dynamic but also take the time to get to know each student."

"This is a wonderful scholarship opportunity," said Edwin Miller, J.D., Professor and Assistant Dean, Legal Studies. "Teresa is doing all the right things for her career. Like many of our students, she is working full time and pursuing her academic studies in the evening. Teresa established herself as a really strong student, and is the type of candidate you want to see in the program and in the profession."

According to Professor Sherman, "She welcomed criticism, which most people generally fear. She felt that she couldn't improve unless she reflected on what she had done. Teresa was always very open to that-I think that is what makes someone become a really good paralegal."

As part of the application for the $1,000 scholarship, participants submitted an essay detailing the importance of the paralegal profession and the need for continuing education. When she first began studying at Peirce, Wilson said she was happy with becoming a successful paralegal. "Now I am considering going to law school, and my ultimate career goal is to work for the City of Philadelphia District Attorney's office," she said.

Wilson is beginning her second year at Peirce and will graduate with a bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies in 2011. She lives in Philadelphia with her two daughters.

Joan Weldon was an active member of the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals, and advocated on behalf of paralegals everywhere. She was elected president of PAP in 1991. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer toward the end of her presidency, she passed away in 1994.

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