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Presidential Search

The Search for Peirce College’s Next President

Posted November 15, 2017: On November 8, 2017, the Presidential Search Committee met with Isaacson, Miller (IM). IM reported on their progress to date and provided an overview of their networking strategy and initial outreach. They reviewed their targeted advertising efforts and responses from those who applied, in addition to the candidates they sourced.

At the meeting, IM presented the list of active prospects, their bios and/or resumes; contextualized insights derived from initial phone conversations; and solicited feedback from Committee members regarding prospects identified to move forward in the search. IM articulated that the emerging candidate pool was broad and diverse. They also informed the Committee that the levels of interest expressed by the candidates varied from very interested to exploratory.

Next steps for IM include:

  • Continue with additional networking
  • Request a letter of interest from the most promising candidates
  • Complete video and in-person interviews
  • Solicit additional suggestions from the Committee about other potential candidates and/or
  • sources to approach in the coming weeks
  • Review the decline list to determine whether anyone should be reconsidered

The next meeting is scheduled for mid-December.

Please continue to check this page for future updates. Any questions about Peirce College’s presidential search should be directed to Harriet Golen at 215.670.9257 or

Posted September 14, 2017: On September 8, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved the Position Profile, prepared by Isaacson, Miller, to be used as a prospectus for a nationwide candidate search. Click here to view the Position Profile.

To build a candidate pool, Isaacson, Miller will conduct active networking and outreach as well as post the position on the following websites:

  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education
  • Hispanic Outlook
  • Inside Higher Ed
  • Insight into Diversity
  • Women in Higher Education
  • Isaacson, Miller
  • Peirce College

Bi-weekly update sessions will be held with Isaacson, Miler. The next Search Committee meeting is scheduled for later this fall.

Posted August 24, 2017: An Advisory Panel, representing a cross-section of the College community, has been formed. The Panel will assist in the search process by providing input to the new President’s job description. The following individuals have agreed to serve as members of the Panel:

  • Ben Chhabria, Manager, Infrastructure Administration
  • Julia Gales, Director, Grant Writing
  • Shawn Gauthney, Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Brad Hodge, Vice President, Student Services & Retention Management
  • Cathy Littlefield, Associate Professor & Faculty Chair, Business
  • Ivy Kempf, Professor, Legal Studies
  • Karl Fritz, Alumni (Undergraduate/Business Administration & Graduate/Organizational Leadership & Management)
  • Robin Linton-Turner, Student (Undergraduate/Business Administration)

On August 16 and 17 representatives from the executive search firm, Isaacson, Miller facilitated a series of meetings on campus to further inform the characteristics and position description for Peirce’s next president. Meetings were comprised of:

  • Interviews with trustees and members of the College’s leadership team
  • A group session with the Advisory Panel
  • An open invitation “listening session” with faculty and staff
  • An open invitation “listening session” with students and alumni

The meetings were conducted to identify the opportunities and challenges the College’s new leader might face; the anticipated outcomes the College might expect within three to five years; and the sources, candidate prototypes and prospects the search firm might consider. Input generated from the sessions will support the development of an ideal candidate profile to aid Isaacson, Miller in assembling an appropriately talented, credentialed and diverse candidate pool.

The search firm consultants were pleased with the level of engagement and commitment demonstrated by all who participated and informed participants that emerging themes would be reported to the Search Committee.

On August 17, the Presidential Search Committee met with the Isaacson, Miller team to review the charges to the Committee and expectations associated with confidentiality as well as to preview the search process. The consultants requested that the Committee share their ideas about candidate prototypes and/or specific candidates or source suggestions for compelling prospects or models for the new President. Next steps include crafting a profile to promote and market the position.

Nominations or letters of application accompanied by a curriculum vitae for the new President & CEO of Peirce College should be submitted in confidence to Isaacson, Miller here.

Posted July 25, 2017: The Presidential Search Committee met during the month of June with the team from Deloitte Consulting, which presented its assessment findings to inform the characteristics of the College’s new leader. Deloitte will conclude its engagement this week and bring the assessment phase of the search process to a close.

On July 17, 2017, representatives from three search firms presented proposals to the Search Committee. The Search Committee selected Isaacson Miller to conduct the search. Chosen for its extensive experience with executive search for higher education institutions, Isaacson Miller will actively recruit prospective candidates and assist the Search Committee in candidate evaluation and selection. The engagement with Isaacson Miller will commence on August 1. The firm’s higher education practice representatives, Ms. Jackie Mildner, Principal and Ms. Katie Rockman, Managing Associate, will facilitate the search process. Search Committee Vice Chair, Mr. Mark Edwards and Peirce College Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Mr. William H. Morgan '87, will co-lead the interface with the search firm.

Next steps in the process include developing a schedule and timeline for the executive search firm, as well as the formation of an Advisory Panel representing a cross-section of the College community. The Advisory Panel will assist in the search process by providing input to the new President’s job description.

Posted May 15, 2017: The Presidential Search Committee (Committee) met on April 18, 2017, to begin its work to identify the next Peirce President. Led by Committee Chair Marc Ammaturo, the Committee established its objectives and operating principles and defined the two phases of the search process and associated budgets and timelines.

The first phase of the process is to complete an assessment to inform the job description and required characteristics of the next President. The assessment will be used in the second phase to define the desired capabilities of the next President and guide the search firm in identifying appropriate candidates.

At its April 18 meeting, the Committee identified three consulting firms from which it requested proposals to perform the first phase. On May 1, the committee interviewed the three finalists and on May 8 selected Deloitte Consulting.

The engagement with Deloitte will commence on May 15 and is expected to conclude by June 30. Committee Vice Chair Mark Edwards will serve as the Project Sponsor. Elizabeth Krapp, Vice President, Finance & Administration; Brad Hodge, Vice President, Student Services & Retention Management and Harriet Golen, Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer, will provide support during the project.

Posted April 6, 2017: Following the announcement that Peirce College President & CEO, James J. Mergiotti, will retire from the College on June 30, 2018, the Peirce College Board of Trustees has formed a Presidential Search Committee to identify the College’s eighth president.

The seven-member committee represents a cross-section of the full Board as well as the diversity of experience and perspectives of its many members. The committee members are Marc Ammaturo, Peter Caputo, Lisa Curran, Mark Edwards, Sharmain Matlock-Turner, Tom McLaughlin and Toni Pergolin. Marc Ammaturo will Chair the committee and Mark Edwards will serve as Vice Chair. The Presidential Search Committee will report directly to the Chair, Peirce College Board of Trustees, who will also serve as an ex officio committee member.