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Transfer from ITT Tech to Peirce

At Peirce College in Philadelphia, we know that there are many ITT Tech students looking for transfer options that will maximize their existing credits and knowledge. Peirce is able to provide several great options for current students to continue their education after ITT Tech's closure. Peirce has long been a transfer-friendly school, and there are many reasons why we're a great option for anyone looking to transfer from ITT Tech: 

  • $50 application fee waiver
  • $100 book voucher
  • First course FREE (PRC 100 or 101)
  • 48-hour unofficial transcript evaluations to determine the maximum number of eligible transfer credits
  • Guidance for credit-by- examination test options, to get credit for skills you already mastered
  • Personalized support and online and on-campus tutoring
  • More than 150 years of experience serving working adult learners
  • 16 years of experience offering fully online degree programs

Since its founding in 1865, Peirce College has always served working adult learners with degree programs designed to best prepare our graduates to start or advance their careers. Our information technology programs don't just teach theory; they instill in you the actual skills employers are looking for in technology professionals. IT transfer students have three career-oriented programs covering both foundational and advanced tech lessons open to them at Peirce:

In our Networking, Administration, and Information Security program you'll gain understanding of material needed to design, build, secure, and maintain enterprise-grade networks. Programming and Application Development students learn how to develop in the .NET environment and take courses in ASP, SQL, XML, and the component object model for application development. Finally, our Technology Management program is designed for current information technology professionals seeking a degree that will advance their careers and prepare them to step into supervisory or management roles in IT.

We also offer both associate and bachelor of science degrees in Criminal Justice Studies (CJS). Our CJS programs provide students with real-life examples of issues that arise in the field of criminal justice and instill in them the critical thinking and effective communication skills necessary to successfully negotiate those issues.

Every course in all four of these programs is available fully online, on-campus or as a mixture of both. In fact, thanks to Peirce Fit, you even have the ability to switch weekly between online and on-campus classes depending on your needs. And for our Networking concentration in Information Technology, students can even learn via competency-based education, a new, fully online way of learning that uses what you already know to put you on the most direct path to a college degree.

If you're a current ITT Tech student, talk to us today about how you can transfer your existing credits to Peirce and complete your college degree. We will provide all ITT Tech transfer students with a $100 book voucher and waive their $50 application fee!