How a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Management will benefit adult learners in Philadelphia

How a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Management will benefit adult learners in Philadelphia

We recently unveiled Peirce’s first master degree programa Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management, with classes beginning in fall 2013. We’ve already written about what this degree will offer, and want to provide more details about how this degree will benefit adult learners and can help them move into higher positions in their organizations.

This master’s degree program gives adult learners a focused path to becoming strong leaders in their chosen field, from education to information technology, and more. Graduates will learn to develop and implement interpersonal, group, inter-group, or organization-wide change through classes in communication, leadership, and decision making.

As Peter Key reported when he covered our brand new program in the Philadelphia Business Journal, this master’s degree program differs from MBA programs. While most MBA programs focus on traditional methods of business management with a quantitative approach, our program provides more contemporary methods of managing through motivation, commitment, inspiration, and communication.

Like all of our programs, the curriculum is practical and career-oriented, enabling students to apply what they learn in the classroom today to their jobs tomorrow. We’ve also considered adult learners’ need for flexible scheduling and have created the program so students can start at six start dates throughout the year. They can choose what works best for them based on their schedules.

Keeping with our integrated class structure, classes will be offered online and on-campus, allowing students to choose the delivery method that works best for them. Students enrolled on a part-time basis can expect to earn their master’s degree in two years, including summer sessions.

If you want to learn more about our newest offering, check out our website for more details. We’ll share more information in the coming months about this program, including introducing some of our leading faculty members and fleshing out our new class offerings, so be sure to check back often.

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