Types of Graduate School

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Main Types of Gradute School

Which kind is right for you?

Graduate school can be a great opportunity to continue advancing your educational and career goals. But did you know there are multiple types of graduate schools? Each type is unique in their offerings and service model for students.
The three main types of graduate schools can all lead graduates to the career path of their choice. Check out each type below:

  1. Professional Graduate Programs
    • This type of program will prepare a student for a very specific type of profession.
    • Typically, this program requires students to be full-time, live on or near campus, and requires a certain undergraduate degree and entrance exam.
    • Examples of professions that result from this type of program are:
      • Doctor
      • Dentist
      • Lawyer
  2. Terminal Graduate Programs
    • This type of program is grounded in academics for those students who are looking to advance in their career and become an expert in their desired field.
    • Typically, students who take part in these programs have the flexibility to take courses online or on-campus and at part-time enrollment, and it can be applied to many different career paths.
    • Examples of master’s programs within this cohort are:
      • Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)
      • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management (MSOLM)
      • Master of Science in Education (M.Ed.)
      • Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA)
      • Master of Science in Nursing
  3. Traditional Research Programs
    • This type of program is primarily found at large research universities where students aim to eventually work in higher education or continuous research in their specific field of interest.
    • Typically, when taking part in this program, full-time hours are required, students live on or nearby campus, and in-person participation is mandatory.
    • Examples of fields of study that fall into this cohort are:
      • Humanities
      • Liberal Arts
      • Foreign Languages
      • Geography
      • History 

Still not sure which type of graduate school is right for you? Contact Peirce's Office of Graduate Studies to talk to someone about your options. Email masters@peire.edu or 215.670.9325.