Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Degree at Peirce College

Turn Your Big Idea Into The Next Big Business

Peirce gives you the tools to succeed as a business owner.

Business Administration With a Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Degree

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management concentration of our Business Administration program is the perfect starting point for budding entrepreneurs. Our program prepares you with a strong foundation in business basics like finance and marketing, with an emphasis on the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management degree program you will explore important topics, like capitalization, business plan development, competitive intelligence gathering and launch planning. It’s the practical, real-world insight you need to succeed.

Both an associate degree and bachelor’s degree are available in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management concentration. And most associate degree graduates at Peirce continue their education to complete the bachelor’s degree program, opening the door to higher-level positions and graduate education, like our master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Management . All of these degree programs are designed to fit with your busy schedule, available on campus and online.

2014-2015 Curriculum for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management programs

For course requirements and prerequisite information, refer to the individual course descriptions in the College Catalog.

Bachelor of Science Degree Curriculum - Minimum Total Credits: 121

PRC PRC 100 or PRC 101* 1
BIS 111 Application Software Fundamentals 3
COM 112 Speech Communication 3
COM 312 Practical Reasoning 3
ECO 101 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 102 Microeconomics 3
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 103 Rhetoric and Research 3
HUM 102 Introduction to Ethics 3
HUM HUM Core (choose 1) 3
MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathematics 3
MAT 102 College Algebra 3
SCI SCI Core (choose 2) 6
GEN ED General Education Core (choose 1) 3
BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 3
LAW 103 Business Law 3
MKT 101 Introduction to Marketing 3
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
ACC 222 Managerial Accounting 3
FIN 201 Introduction to Finance 3
BUS 250 Associate Business Capstone Course 3
MAT 109 Statistics I 3
HRM 201 Human Resource Management 3
ENT 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
ENT 225 Accounting, Finance and Tax for Smaller Businesses 3
ENT 280 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
BUS 310 Concepts in e-Commerce 3
ENT 401 Entrepreneurial Strategies and Tactics 3
MKT 401 Marketing Management 3
MGT 310 Ethical Leadership 3
FIN 401 Financial Analysis 3
MGT 404 Operations Management 3
BUS 450 Policy and Strategy Formulation 3
CWE 304 or ELE Cooperative Work Experience or Elective 3
ELE Elective Courses (choose 4) 12
GE ELE General Education Elective 3