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Your Bachelor’s in Legal Studies in Business

Interested in a career that intersects law and business, but haven’t had time to finish your degree? If you’ve earned at least 45 credits from college-level courses, Peirce has a program for working adults like you! Our degree completion program is a convenient, flexible option for you to earn a bachelor’s in Legal Studies in Business degree.

A bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies in Business prepares you for a successful career in business law with intellectual tools and practical skills like analytics, problem solving, oral communication, law and business research and more. This Legal Studies in Business program will prepare you for a variety of roles that focus on the legal side of business, such as regulation, compliance, contacts, research analytics, lobbying and corporate practice.

All of our degree completion programs have the convenience of accelerated classes and six sessions per year. Plus, our Bachelor’s in Legal Studies in Business courses are available on our Philadelphia campus, online or as a combination of both to fit into your busy schedule.

A degree is closer than you think. Learn more about why Peirce's Legal Studies in Business degree might be right for you and apply today to take your first step toward a more rewarding and fulfilling career.


Bachelor of Science Degree Curriculum - Minimum Total Credits: 121

PRC 101 Peirce College Orientation 1
BIS 111 Application Software Fundamentals 3
COM 112 Speech Communication 3
COM 312 Practical Reasoning 3
ECO 101 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 102 Microeconomics 3
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 103 Rhetoric and Research 3
HUM 102 Introduction to Ethics 3
HUM HUM Core (Choose 1) 3
MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathematics 3
MAT 102 College Algebra 3
SCI SCI Core (choose 2) 6
GEN ED General Education Core (choose 1) 3
MAT 109 Statistics I 3
BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
LAW 103 Business Law 3
LAW 120 Legal Research for Legal Studies in Business Majors 3
LAW 125 Legal Writing for Legal Studies in Business Majors 3
ACC 105 Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 3
FIN 105 Finance for Non-Financial Managers 3
MKT 101 Introduction to Marketing 3
LGL 201 Contract Law 3
HRM 201 Human Resource Management 3
MGT 210 Applied Management Concepts 3
LGL 309 Business Organizations 3
MGT 310 Ethical Leadership 3
LAW 420 Business Litigation 3
LAW 450 B.S. Capstone - Legal Studies in Business 3
ELE Electives (choose 11) 33

Careers Options for Legal Studies in Business

Graduates of our Legal Studies in Business program have a strong understanding of the law and go onto roles in the public and private sectors. Graduates hold successful careers in areas like regulation, compliance, contacts, research analytics, lobbying, and corporate practice.

Graduates are also well prepared to continue on to law school or graduate studies in business. For more information about potential legal careers in business for Peirce graduates, visit our Legal Careers page.

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