Programming and Application Development

B.S. in Information Technology: Programming & Application Development at Peirce

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Programming and Application Development

The Programming and Application Development concentration of our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology program will challenge your programming skills and improve your ability to develop real-world solutions. Our coursework prepares you to solve problems and helps you to develop practical programming solutions for businesses in any industry.

While progressing through our B.S. in Information Technology program, you’ll study higher-level application development in the .NET environment with courses on ASP, SQL, XML and the component object model for application development. Plus, you’ll learn common programming languages like JavaScript, C++ and Java with this Programming and Application Development concentration. And Peirce aligns our courses with the most popular IT certification exams so you’ll be prepared to get certified even before you graduate.

In addition to the B.S. in Information Technology, Peirce also offers an associate degree with a Programming and Application Development concentration. And most associate degree graduates at Peirce continue their education to complete the bachelor’s degree program, opening the door to higher-level positions and more rewarding opportunities. Plus, all of these degree programs are designed to fit right into your busy schedule and all of their courses are available on campus and online or as a combination of both.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology Curriculum - Minimum Total Credits: 121

For course requirements and prerequisite information, refer to the individual course descriptions in the College Catalog.

PRC PRC 100 or PRC 101* 1
BIS 111 Application Software Fundamentals 3
COM 112 Speech Communication 3
COM 312 Practical Reasoning 3
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 103 Rhetoric and Research 3
HUM 102 Introduction to Ethics 3
HUM HUM Core (choose 1) 3
MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathematics 3
MAT 102 College Algebra 3
SCI SCI Core (choose 2) 6
SOC SCI SOC SCI Core (Chose 2) 6
GEN ED Gen Ed Core (choose 1) 3
BIS 112 Programming Concepts 3
BIS 201 HTML and the World Wide Web 3
BIS 235 Database Management Systems 3
BIS 323 Computer Programming II 3
BIS 324 Computer Programming III 3
BIS 325 Application Development I 3
BIS 330 JavaScript Programming 3
BIS 345 Using ASP.NET in Application Development 3
BIS 402 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BIS 403 Applied Systems Design 3
BIS 415 IT Capstone in Programming and Application Development 3
ISC 325 Access Control, Applications, and Systems Development Security 3
ITN 120 PC Fundamentals 3
ITN 130 Networking Fundamentals 3
ITN 144 Introduction to Network Security 3
ITN 200 Server Administration I 3
ITN 220 Help Desk and Customer Support Concepts 3
ITN 301 Linux Administration, Networking, and Security 3
MAT 109 or MAT 370 Statistics I or Applied Discrete Mathematics (choose 1) 3
MIS 110 Usability Principles and Design 3
MIS 205 Ethical Management of Information Technology 3
MIS 302 Project Management 3
CWE 325 or ELE Cooperative Work Experience or Elective 3
ELE Elective courses (choose 3) 9