Intensive Online Courses

Accelerated Oline Courses via Online Intensive Learning

Intensive Online Courses

Accelerate Your Education with Intensive Online Courses

Using an accelerated course format, these courses meet for three weeks entirely online, allowing you to learn from home or anywhere else with an internet connection, making it easy for you to fit them into your busy schedule. That's right – with our accelerated online courses you can complete entire courses in less than a month and get full credit without ever setting foot on campus.

You'll be squeezing all of the work into a shorter amount of time, so these courses are only for the most motivated students. But if you have the drive to complete your degree quicker, these accelerated online courses are just the thing to give you the boost toward graduation that you're looking for.

While there are no pre-course or post-course assignments for accelerated online courses, all of your work is to be completed during the three-week session. Please contact your advisor if you would like to review the syllabus before class starts.

The full list of available three-credit Intensive online courses for the 2016-2017 academic year is as follows:

  • BUS100 – Introduction to Business
  • FIN100 – Introduction to Personal Finance
  • HCA101 – Introduction to Healthcare Administration
  • HCA210 – Healthcare Delivery in the US
  • HIT100 – Medical Terminology
  • HUM102 – Introduction to Ethics
  • HUM105 – World Religions
  • LAW103 – Business Law
  • MGT210 – Applied Management Concepts
  • MGT310 – Ethical Leadership
  • PSY101 – Introduction to Psychology
  • SCI220 – The Physical World
  • SOC101 – General Sociology

Peirce's online intensive classes are an additional opportunity for highly motivated students to accelerate their path toward graduation. You can complete our accelerated online courses in less than a month, so what are you waiting for?

Both new and guest students will need approval from their admissions representative or academic advisor before registering for one of these courses. So contact them today and get started!