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Make the Most of Your Weekend by Participating in a Weekend College Program

When someone asks you on Monday what you did last weekend, how would you like to tell them you finished and entire class and earned college credit? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, you can do it with Peirce College's weekend college classes, an accelerated course format that meets on Saturdays, allowing you to earn college credit from an accelerated weekend class.

Peirce College 101 (PRC101) is a one-credit course that meets on one Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This college class will coincide with your normal, non-intensive classes, so you'll need to prepare yourself for this larger workload. You're expected to come to the first class with some assignments already completed and you'll be given additional assignments to turn in by the following Thursday.

And once that's done, that's it! Yes, that really is all there is to taking a weekend college class at Peirce. Everybody likes having their weekends to themselves, so we only ask you to give us one day on one weekend, and in return we give you one college credit. By giving up a single Saturday and putting in some hard work now, motivated students save themselves time later by moving themselves one step closer to finishing their education and earning their college degree.

Fitting school into your life can seem like a real challenge for working adult learners, and offering PRC101 on the weekend is just one of many ways Peirce makes college work for working adults. So enjoy your weekend – and do it by moving one step closer to graduation thought our weekend college program.

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