How to Apply to Peirce College | Undergraduate Application Process

How to Apply to Peirce College, undergraduate application process

How to Apply to Peirce College

Undergraduate application process

Submitting Your Application Can Be Half the Battle in Going Back to School

At Peirce, we provide you with the handy “My Checklist” (located in the top left corner of the site) to help you keep your admissions process organized. Want to know how to apply for college right now? Here are three easy steps to help you complete the Peirce College Undergraduate Application process:
  1. Contact Us! We have Admissions Representatives on standby, waiting to take your call or respond to your email. We’ll walk you through your options and get you on track to earning your degree!
  2. Submit your application form online. You don’t have to be certain of your degree path at this point, but if you are, that’s great! Just fill in the required information and hit send.
  3. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. You can pay your fee online, over the phone, or in person at our Student Financial Services Office. Credit card, check, money order or cash are all acceptable forms of payment.
After you complete the undergraduate application process, feel free to contact us again to have your personal Admissions Representative help you through the next steps: placement exams, registering for classes, transferring credits and applying for financial aid!
Peirce College makes it easy to apply and enroll in classes. Contact us today to get started with the undergraduate application!