Hardware Requirements

Many IT courses make use of platform virtualization to allow students to run operating systems other than the one running the physical host machine. Oracle VirtualBox has been installed on all computers in the classrooms and computer labs to allow you to create and use these virtual machines at Peirce. In addition, this software can be downloaded for free from the Oracle website (http://dlc.sun.com/virtualbox/vboxdownload.html) for use on your own machines. This virtualization enables you to use our labs or your home computer to complete hands-on lab assignments. Details regarding the installation and use of VirtualBox and virtual machines will be provided directly in the courses that require them. 

All IT students taking classes on campus or working on projects in the computer lab should purchase an external USB drive to store and transport needed virtual operating systems and related files.

Software Requirements

Software requirements vary by class. To see the complete software requirements for a given class, consult the class' syllabus. Microsoft Office is needed for most Peirce courses and can be obtained free of charge by all current Peirce students in good financial standing. To obtain your copy, please complete your request on the Student Services tab at my.peirce.edu.

Project/Lab Software

(Needed for select BIS, MIS, ITN and ISC courses. See individual course syllabi for specific requirements)
There are two options for obtaining project/lab software:

  1. Go to my.peirce.edu and login.
  2. Click on the Student Services tab.
  3. Go to Software Download and click the download image.
  4. Once you’ve entered the software download store, click on the Student tab.
  5. Click on “Microsoft,” then click on the software you want to download.
  6. Click “Add to Cart.”Click “Check Out.”
  7. Enter your username and type your name in the signature field.
  8. Click “Proceed With Order.”
  9. Save 25 Character Product Key for your records. You have 31 days to download your software.
  10. Click “Download.”
  11. Click “Download” again.
  12. Save Installation fire to your desktop.
  13. Double-click the installation file to install your software.