Richard Patterson, M.Ed., M. Engr.

Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson

Associate Professor

M. Engr., Widener University
M.Ed., Widener University
B.S., Widener University
A.S., Computer Programming, Delaware County Community College
Certified Web Design Concepts
Certified JavaScript Programmer
Certified HTML Programmer
Certificate, Webmaster, Penn State University

Subject Areas: Programming and Application Development

Professor Richard Patterson is a member of Peirce College's IT faculty, teaching computer programming, web design and Microsoft Office. In the 1990s, he served as an adjunct teaching mathematics at Peirce and became a full-time assistant professor in information technology in 1999.

He began his professional career as an engineer and worked in that profession for more than 17 years. While working as an engineer, Professor Patterson continued his education by earning a master's degree in engineering at his alma mater. In the early '90s he decided to make a career change from engineering to education, so he returned again to Widener to earn a master's degree in education. After earning his second master's degree, he taught mathematics, programming and physics as an adjunct at a number of educational institutions in the surrounding region.

Since he enjoyed learning programming during his engineering undergraduate studies, he decided to resume his studies in that field while undertaking his adjunct teaching duties. Professor Patterson has studied a number of programming languages: FORTRAN, QBasic, Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript and jQuery.

During 2016, Professor Patterson has taken measures to include responsive design in his web design class, and he completed the adaptation of the web design course and several programming courses for the competency-based education program.

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