Free Courses from that apply to your Peirce degree

Peirce College is partnering with to lower tuition and save students money. Peirce has evaluated several free courses offered by and aligned those courses with the College's undergraduate degree programs.

This means you can take select, free online courses via, apply those courses to your degree at Peirce and save thousands on tuition and books. This can also accelerate your pace to finishing your associate or bachelor's degree. 

If you are thinking about enrolling at Peirce, contact our Admissions team to see what courses can fit into your degree plan. We can review your transfer credits and map out your personalized pathway to degree completion. 

See below for our current course equivalencies. Course

Peirce Equivalency


Introduction to Accounting & Finance

ACC 101 Accounting Principles


Introduction to Strategy & Marketing 

MKT 101 Introduction to Marketing


Introduction to MicroeconomicsECO 102 Microeconomics3

Introduction to Programming

BIS 112 Programming Concepts


Cybersecurity & Cyber Crime

IT Elective


Introduction to RoboticsElective3
Organisms & EcosystemsSCI 105 Exploring the Science of Life 3
Climate Change & the CryosphereScience Elective3
Body Sculpting with Diet & ExerciseScience Elective3
Turning Points in Modern HistoryHistory Elective3
Language & Literacy in Education Elective3


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