Fast Track: Your first course is free! 

Fast Track from Peirce College let's you register for your first course and get started immediately - FOR FREE. 


At Peirce, we work around your schedule - not ours.

For a limited time, you can enroll in PRC 101 at no cost. This three-week orientation course is required for most undergraduate students and helps you explore career opportunities. It also makes you eligible to earn a Google Career Certificate, or Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate and take additional courses through our partnership with Coursera - at no cost. This makes you eligible to earn up to 22 credits without spending a dime, which can save you more than $13,000 in tuition and even more in books.

Fast Track allows you to register for a self-paced version of PRC 101, so it might not be right for everyone. Before you register, ask yourself the following questions to make sure Fast Track is right for you:

  • Have I completed a college-level course with a C or above?
  • Do I have good time management skills?
  • Am I a self-directed online learner?

If you don't think Fast Track is right for you, no problem! Just contact our Admissions Department and they will help you find the perfect first course for you.

How do I get started?

  • Complete the Fast Track Application & Registration Form.
  • An email will be sent confirming that we received your application and that you have been accepted to Fast Track at Peirce College.
  • You will receive an email that contains your OneLogin username and password, which will give you access to your student portal. Once you sign in and update your information, you will have access to the Peirce College student portal, Canvas (where you can access your classes), and more. 
  • You can start working on your first course - PRC 101 - immediately. You have 7 weeks to complete the course from the day you enroll at your pace.
  • An admissions advisor will reach out to you to finish setting up your students account, get you registered for future classes, and connect you with your Financial Aid Representative.

Thank you for your interest in Peirce College, Philadelphia's only college dedicated exclusively to serving adult learners. 

Questions? Give us a call at 888.467.3472, ext. 9000 or email us at


* Please note: Although Fast Track acceptance qualifies you to complete the PRC 101 self-paced course, you are not a fully matriculated student until you complete the admissions process. More information will be provided upon completion of your application.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits can I transfer into my degree at Peirce College? 

Students can apply up to 30 transfer credits to associate degree programs at Peirce College.

Students can apply up to 102 transfer credits to select bachelor's degree programs at Peirce College, including our Liberal Studies, Organizational Leadership and Management, Technical Studies and Human Services Leadership programs. Students can apply up to 90 transfer credits to all other bachelor's degree programs at Peirce.

At the graduate level, students can apply up to 12 graduate transfer credits to master's degree programs at Peirce College.

You can also apply transfer credits to our undergraduate and graduate certificates.

For a free transfer credit review, contact an Admissions Advisor at 888.467.3472, or make an appointment.

How long will it take me to finish my degree? 

The length of time it takes to complete your degree at Peirce College typically depends on two things:

  • The amount of transfer credits you apply to your degree
  • The amount of credits you are able to complete in a session at Peirce

Both of these things vary greatly depending on the student.

The most common type of transfer credit at Peirce College come from courses taken at other accredited colleges and universities. Peirce can also award transfer credit for prior learning and college-level knowledge you have acquired outside the classroom, including military and professional training, credit-by-exam (including CLEP exams) and professional licenses or certifications you may possess.

      Who teaches courses at Peirce College?

      Courses at Peirce College are taught by the institution’s full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty members, who specialize in serving working adults in an online setting, and who bring diverse backgrounds from their professional industry experience to the classroom. This enables students to apply what they learn in their courses directly to their careers and prepare for professional growth. Faculty work closely with students every week and are available for online or face-to-face, personalized support.

      How can I earn credit for what I already know?

      You can earn credit at Peirce College for college-level knowledge you already possess through the following methods:

      • Credit-by-exam
      • Portfolio assessment
      • Credentials, training and other programs that have been evaluated for college credit

      Credit-by-exam programs, such as the CLEP®, the College-level Exam Program, and Peirce College exams, allow students to test out of a degree requirement. These exams provide significant savings in time and money for adults who know the material because they are a fraction of the cost of course tuition and typically take less time to complete.

      With portfolio assessment, students develop a portfolio containing evidence that they possess college-level knowledge that is equivalent to what they would have learned in a specific course that is required in their degree program. Like credit-by-exam, portfolio assessment typically costs much less than course tuition and can save adults who know the material time and money.

      Students can also earn credit for professional licenses and certifications, professional and military training and other programs that have been evaluated for credit by Peirce College or the American Council on Education and fit a specific degree program requirement. There are no additional costs to earning this credit for students, who have completed the training or possess the credentials, which comes over as transfer credit.

      Peirce has also aligned its programs with several no-cost and low-cost course providers, such as Coursera,, and Sophia Learning. Select courses offered by these providers can be applied as transfer credit to undergraduate programs at Peirce College

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