Two Degrees & Three Daughters – Meet Kiana House

Back in 2013, Kiana House was looking down at her pregnant belly as she envisioned bringing her first child into the world. At that moment, Kiana decided she wanted to change her life, so she could move up in her career, earn more money, and support her growing family. Inspired by her first child, Kiana […]

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Job Searching During (And After) A Pandemic

There are two words that can be used to describe what you need if you are searching for a job during a pandemic: Patience and Tenacity. From the beginning of the pandemic until now as we are slowly reopening, companies and recruiters have been experiencing unique challenges with a job market paralyzed by the healthcare […]

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Making Her Children Proud – Meet Kristina Elton

Kristina Elton has worked in a bank for over 14 years. She has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the business field. However, one day, Kristina decided it was time to enhance her resume by adding a degree. Inspired by her children, Kristina began the search for a college that worked for her. […]

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