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Making Her Children Proud – Meet Kristina Elton

Kristina Elton has worked in a bank for over 14 years. She has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the business field. However, one day, Kristina decided it was time to enhance her resume by adding a degree. Inspired by her children, Kristina began the search for a college that worked for her. […]

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Best Practices for Success at a Virtual Career Fair

Prior to the pandemic, attending a career fair required printing resumes, getting dressed and walking into a room full of anxious job seekers moving from table-to-table trying to make a connection with a prospective employer. Due to safety concerns, events have moved mostly to online which has led to virtual career fairs. Virtual career fairs […]

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Level Up Business Etiquette Series

Last summer, as Dr. Charlene Glenn, Business Professor at Peirce College, thought about the upcoming school year, she decided she wanted to create a new and innovative virtual program to support the “power” skills development of Peirce students. Through research and readings, Dr. Glenn discovered that, “many industry experts argue that employees with superior power […]

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