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  • Amanda Heck success story

    Amanda Heck

    Class of 2013 Bachelor's in Business Administration

    Amanda Heck had an interest in college, but like many Peirce graduates, she didn’t have a clear-cut path to school.

  • Tara Broadie success story

    Tara Broadie

    Class of 2018 Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration

    After 20 years working in healthcare, Tara Broadie realized she needed to finish her bachelor’s degree to get the dream job of her career.

  • Cathy Arnold success story

    Cathy Arnold

    Class of 2014 Bachelor's in Accounting

    For Cathy Arnold, earning her associates degree at Peirce was just the beginning. Completing her bachelor’s degree in Accounting helped her advance professionally.

  • Steve Amster success story

    Steve Amster

    Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management

    The professional success Steve Amster achieved after completing his associates degree at Peirce encouraged him to earn his master’s degree.

  • Brian Brennan success story

    Brian Brennan

    Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology

    In 2016, Brian Brennan realized it is never too late to finish your degree. For him, the Peirce competency-based IT program provided the most direct route.

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