Credit for Portfolio Assessment

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Credit for Portfolio Assessment

At the sole discretion of the College, a portfolio assessment provides a means for students to earn college credit for job-related training and experience, non-job-related training, volunteer work, travel, hobbies, etc. As a general guideline, a portfolio should take 20 to 30 hours to complete. Students may seek portfolio assessment credit for experiences that are similar to the learning outcomes for a particular course. To apply for portfolio assessment credit, the student must submit a binder including the required documentation organized into four sections as follows:

  • Cover or Title Page, Table of Contents, and Degree Planning Sheet
    Section 1 provides the organizational framework for the portfolio. In preparing this section, the student should clearly identify the course for which Portfolio Assessment Credit is requested.
  • Current resume and autobiography (5 to 10 pages, double-spaced)
    The resume provides the evaluator with insight into the student's experience and training. The autobiography is a self-portrait that serves as a means for the evaluator to get to know the student. The autobiography should highlight personal and professional experiences that support the learning that will be addressed in the learning essays.
  • Peirce College Course Outline and Learning Essay
    The learning outcomes described in the Course Syllabus must be used as the model for the Learning Essay. In the Learning Essay, the student must clearly articulate the learning related to the course outcomes that he/she acquired as a result of life experiences.
  • Labeled Documentation
    The provided documentation validates the experiences described in Section 3. Documentation may include job descriptions, letters from supervisors, certificates, examples/samples of work, awards, performance evaluations, licenses, dates and times of participation in the activity, letters or memos supporting participation, or anything else that would help to prove/confirm prior learning.

Students should consult with the designated department's Program Manager prior to constructing the portfolio. Credit for Portfolio Assessment binders are submitted to the student's Academic Advisor who forwards it to the Manager, On Campus Program Advising, who forwards it to the appropriate faculty member for evaluation. It is in the student's best interest to submit the portfolio during his/her first 14-week period at Peirce College. Please see our current fee schedule for exact fee.

If Credit for Portfolio Assessment is approved, the title of the course, credit hours and notation of Credit for Portfolio Assessment will be recorded on the student's permanent record. The credit hours earned for portfolio assessment are not included in the calculation of the student's grade point average.

If the evaluator requests additional information from the student before granting credit, the student will receive a pending notification and an explanation of what must be added or amended. The portfolio may only be resubmitted once, prior to the end of the following 14-week period. If a portfolio is officially denied credit, it may not be submitted again. Should Credit for Portfolio Assessment be denied, the fee will be applied toward future tuition charges at Peirce College within one calendar year from date of denial.