In order for students to make more informed decisions about attending college, Peirce College makes the following completion and graduation rates available in accordance with the federal Student Right-to-Know Act.

The following completion and graduation rates are based upon a limited cohort of 32 first-time, full-time, degree/ certificate-seeking students who entered during the fall 2014 term. Please note that these rates may not be representative of the entire student population of the College. [The graduation rates represent the cohort only and do not include students who completed their degree or certificate after the six-year tracking period or students who attended the College in a part-time capacity.]


First-time undergraduate student:

An entering undergraduate who has never attended an institution of higher education. This includes a student enrolled in the fall term who attended a postsecondary institution for the first time in the prior summer term and a student who entered with advanced standing (college credit earned before graduation from high school).


The student completed an AS, BS or certificate by August 31, 2020.

Normal time:

The amount of time necessary for a student to complete all requirements for a degree or certificate according to the College's catalog. This is typically:

  • four years (eight 16-week semesters or 16 eight-week sessions) for a bachelor's degree
  • two years (four 16-week semesters or 8 eight-week sessions) for an associate degree
  • one year (two 16-week semesters or 4 eight-week sessions) for certificate programs

The following formula was used to calculate a completion rate for the fall 2012 entering cohort: Number of entering students who completed their program within 150 percent of the normal time for completion: six years for a bachelor's degree, three years for an associate's degree and one and one-half years for a certificate program divided by total adjusted entering cohort.

Sixteen (16) percent of the Peirce College 2014 entering cohort graduated within 150 percent of normal time.

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), institutions must disaggregate completion and graduation rates by gender; major racial and ethnic subgroup as defined in IPEDS; recipients of a Federal Pell Grant; recipients of a subsidized Stafford Load who did not receive a Pell Grant; and students who did not receive either a Pell Grant or a subsidized Stafford Loan. Click here to access the report.

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