Rutgers Law School Bachelor-to-Juris Doctor Program

Peirce College and Rutgers Law School are partnering to offer an accelerated Bachelor-to-Juris Doctor program that enables students to earn a bachelor’s from Peirce and a law degree from Rutgers in six years rather than seven.


How it works

Eligible Peirce students who have completed 94 credits towards their bachelor’s degree may seek admission to Rutgers Law School. Courses successfully completed at Rutgers during the first year of law school will satisfy the remaining requirements of the bachelor’s degree at Peirce.

The juris doctor will be awarded from Rutgers Law School upon a student’s successful completion of 84 credits from law school courses and all other juris doctor requirements, which are typically completed after three years as a full-time student at Rutgers Law School.

Eligibility & Requirements

The program is open to enrolled Peirce College students who have:

  • Earned at least 94 credits toward a bachelor’s degree at Peirce, including all major and core requirements, before enrolling in courses at Rutgers Law School
  • Met Peirce’s academic residency requirements for their degree program
  • Satisfied all Rutgers Law School admissions requirements relating to character and fitness

To maximize their chances for admission to Rutgers Law School, it is recommended that candidates:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.4 or higher
  • Achieve an LSAT score that meets or exceeds the median LSAT score of students who entered Rutgers Law School the previous year
  • Present evidence of strong analytical and writing skills
  • Have completed at least two writing courses (beyond basic first-year college writing)
  • Have completed the following courses: Advanced Legal Writing, Critical Thinking and Reading, Logical Reasoning
  • Are proficient in computer use, including word processing, email and Internet research

Candidates who do not achieve the requisite LSAT score or GPA are not automatically denied admission.

Tuition Information

For credits completed at Peirce College, students will pay undergraduate tuition and fees to Peirce College. Learn more.

The Rutgers Law School application fee will be waived for Peirce students who apply to the Bachelor-to-Juris Doctor program.

For credits completed at Rutgers Law School, students will pay tuition and fees at the Rutgers Law School rate. Learn more.

Applying to Rutgers Law School

Applying to Rutgers Law School has multiple steps and is very different than the application process at Peirce College.

  • Law School Admissions Council (LSAC):  Candidates need to create an LSAC account to apply to Rutgers Law School and to register for Law School Admission Test (LSAT). 
  • Preparing your application: Your application will require a resume, a personal statement and letters of recommendation. All admissions decisions are made by Rutgers Law School.


Peirce students who want to learn more about the Bachelor-to-Juris Doctor program should contact Michael Agnello at or 215.670.9032.

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