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Are You Ready for a New Career?

Career Bridge at Peirce College enables you to gain the skills, professional certifications and credentials needed for jobs that pay family-sustaining wages, and guides you to those jobs in a matter of months.

Through career-integrated advising, education and counseling, Career Bridge serves as a "GPS" system for students interested in career change and finding jobs forecasted for growth. Current Career Tracks include:

  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding 
  • IT User Support
  • IT Network Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management
  • Financial & Business Operations 
  • Sales & Client Service


APPLY to CAREER BRIDGE to see if you qualify.

*No cost programs are currently available to residents of Philadelphia and Delaware counties only. 

How It Works 

You will work one-on-one with our counselors to complete the Career Bridge program in as little as 6-to-9 months. This includes: 

  • Exploring and navigating sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Determining how your existing skills, training and prior learning map to skills required for sustainable occupations.
  • Determining if you can earn credit for those skills via Peirce’s Prior Learning Assessment program.
  • Identifying and completing the training, certification and credentials you still need to attain the occupation.
  • Connecting you with employment opportunities in the region, and helping you apply for jobs, prepare for interviews and leverage the College’s alumni network.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to finish a Career Bridge track?

Most students should be able to complete a Career Track in as little as 6-to-9 months. The length of time depends on the amount of transfer credit you bring in that can apply toward the certificate in the track, whether you can earn credit for skills and knowledge you already possess, and how many credits you can complete during each session.

At Peirce, you will work closely with our admissions and career counselors to explore how your skills and prior training and knowledge may match a specific career and how your transfer credits may apply to a specific track. To get started, contact us at 888.467.3472 or

What Career Tracks are available via Career Bridge? 

Our current list of Career Tracks include:

  • Medical Coding 
  • IT User Support
  • IT Network Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management
  • Financial & Business Operations
  • Sales & Client Service
      Who teaches courses in the Career Bridge program?

      Courses at Peirce College are taught by the institution’s full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty members who blend theoretical classroom education with practical, real-world applications. This enables students to apply what they learn in their courses directly to their careers and prepare for professional growth. Peirce faculty members specialize in serving working adults and bring diverse backgrounds from their professional industry experience to the classroom. Noncredit courses that prepare students in Career Bridge for professional certification exams are offered through the College's partnership with Kaplan University Partners and are taught by Kaplan instructors, who also specialize in working with busy adults. 

      How can I earn credit for what I already know?

      You can earn credit at Peirce College for college-level knowledge you already possess through the following methods:

      • Credit-by-exam
      • Portfolio assessment
      • Credentials, training and other programs that have been evaluated for college credit

      With the Career Bridge program, each Career Track contains opportunities to earn credit via Peirce exams or portfolio assessment, which is ideal for adults who have gained expertise through previous work experience and/or training.

      With Peirce exams, students take a pass/fail exam. With portfolio assessment, students develop a portfolio containing evidence that they possess college-level knowledge that is equivalent to what they would have learned in a specific course that is required in their degree program. Peirce exams and portfolio assessment cost much less than course tuition and can save adults who know the material time and money.

      Students can also earn credit for professional licenses and certifications, professional and military training and other programs that have been evaluated for credit by Peirce College or the American Council on Education and fit a specific degree program requirement. There are no additional costs to earning this credit for students, who have completed the training or possess the credentials, which comes over as transfer credit.

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