Earn Your General Studies Degree at Peirce College

If you're an adult learner looking for the best path toward advancing your career, Peirce College's General Studies degree may be for you. Achieving substantial career growth without a college degree is a challenging task for anyone, no matter what your career is. As the college for adult learners, Peirce wants to make it a little easier for you to achieve that professional growth you seek, and our General Studies associate degree offers the sort of broad educational package that's perfect for anyone who wants to go back to school and finish their education.

Of course, you need more than just the piece of paper. If you want to start making things happen in your career, then you need skills employers value, and that's why our General Studies program is tailored to provide you with that sort of career-essential knowledge. Students take classes in the humanities, history, arts, communication, English, social sciences, mathematics, science, and technology. Additionally, you'll have the ability to take seven elective courses of your choosing, which means you can take the courses that are most important to your growth or appy transfer credits you've earned previously. This wide-ranging program positions our graduates as more well-rounded job and promotion candidates than they would be with only a high school diploma.

Those graduates of the associate in General Studies degree who want to push their education even further will have the foundation they need to continue on to a more advanced bachelor's degree, which will open even more doors of opportunity. Even if you choose to end your education with an associate, however, you'll still be in much better shape to get the career you deserve. How much better? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees with an associate degree make on average more than $6,000 more a year than employees with only a high school education.

Pursue Your General Studies Degree Online

And because Peirce offers all of its classes online, on campus, or via Peirce Fit, you'll get the options you need to make college fit into your life. Don't let a lack of a college education hold you back any longer – enroll in Peirce's General Studies program and take advantage of our accelerated class format to get your degree sooner than you thought possible.

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