Got Transfer Credit? Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree at Peirce

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is the most flexible bachelor’s degree offered by Peirce College.


You can apply up to 102 total transfer credits to the program, including up to 60 elective credits, which encompass a wide range of subjects. This gives our Liberal Studies program the ability to accommodate more credits from more subject areas and sources that you may have accumulated through your academic and professional careers, which can save you both time and money.


You can also embed an employer-recognized certification into your program, which will help position yourself with employers and provide a valuable credential for your resume and LinkedIn profile - even before you finish your degree. 


Students are required to complete one of several career-focused academic tracks. Among these tracks are four undergraduate certificates. This allows you to earn both your bachelor’s as well as a certificate, which demonstrates competency in areas such as cybersecurity, human resource management, medical coding and customer service.  Two of these certificates prepare graduates to sit for professional certification exams that are critical to employment in their respective fields:  

  • The certificate in Cybersecurity prepares graduates for the CompTIA Security+ exam
  • The certificate in Medical Coding prepares graduates for the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Specialist (CCS®) exam

The Liberal Studies program is perfect for adult learners who have a diverse amount of transfer credit in a range of subjects and who are interested in applying as much of that credit as they can.

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