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The full-time faculty members of Peirce College's Organizational Leadership & Management degree program are dedicated to helping adult learners finish their college education. Because it's a degree completion program, Organizational Leadership & Management is open to students who have previously earned at least 45 approved college credits but who have yet to complete a bachelor's degree. Our professors will work with you to fill in your knowledge gaps and push you to achieve your goal of earning the bachelor's degree you deserve to prepare you for a better career.

The faculty will lead you through a broad range of courses. The program allows you to choose 13 elective courses to allow you to tailor what you study to your personal career goals. No matter what electives you choose, you can be sure that your professors will have lesson plans ready for you that focus on career-based skills and knowledge, so you'll actually learn things that will be directly applicable to real-world situations in their corresponding fields. At Peirce, our faculty believes in teaching lessons that will help you get hired and advance your career, and with electives available in topics as diverse as technology, business, law, healthcare and more, you're sure to find the courses you need to improve your career outlook.

Our faculty also leads all Organizational Leadership & Management students through courses like Introduction to Business, Applied Management Concepts, Ethical Management of Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Organizational Dynamics, Ethical Leadership, Training Development and Design and Project Management. The diverse lessons you'll learn in this coursework will give you the ability and confidence to lead business units in a wide range of professions, and our faculty is dedicated to helping you master these vital leadership concepts.

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