Earn Your Organizational Leadership & Management Degree at Peirce College

The Peirce College Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership & Management is designed to help streamline the process of adult learners with previously earned college credits returning to school and completing their bachelor's degree. You're able to transfer in up to 102 previously earned credits and quickly complete your education. In fact, students who transfer 102 approved college credits and enroll full time can earn their bachelor's in Organizational Leadership & Management degree in just one year (six sessions).

You can embed an employer-recognized certification into your program, which can position you with employers even before you finish your degree.

The program enables students to strengthen the foundation of their academic experience with a curriculum designed to build the knowledge and skills that can lead to opportunities in a range of fields. With a focus on ethics, effective communications and the dynamic development of organizations, our Organizational Leadership & Management program teaches students how to leverage resources and apply leadership theories and principles to challenges they may face in their current or future places of employment.

And no matter what your career goals are, you can get the kind of education that will directly boost your employment and advancement outlook at Peirce. That's because our Organizational Leadership & Management degree includes 13 completely open elective courses, giving you an enormous amount of options within our wide array of career-based courses in business, technology, law, healthcare and more.

Meanwhile, all students will get a strong background in leading business units. You'll take courses in Project Management, Human Resource Management, Ethical Management of Information Technology, Ethical Leadership, Organizational Development Applied Management Concepts and more. The practical skills you'll pick up in these courses will prepare you to take on a leadership role in any organization.

Online Leadership & Management Degree

Because Peirce's mission is to serve the needs of working adult learners in their journey toward earning college degrees that will help advance their careers, we make college work around your schedule. All courses are offered 100% online.

Don't let your credits go to waste. Make them work for you by enrolling in our Organizational Leadership degree and completing your education faster and more conveniently than you thought possible.

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