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The faculty members of Peirce College's Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree ready graduates for employment in administrative and management positions in hospitals, ambulatory care settings, healthcare insurance companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Our professors focus on developing culturally competent and ethically responsible healthcare leaders capable of managing and improving dynamic healthcare systems.

In your first course in the program, the faculty will introduce you to the basics of healthcare administration, teaching you broad lessons on healthcare management, strategic planning, marketing, finance, health disparities, ethics, law and risk management. Next, the faculty will explore how healthcare is delivered in the United States, teaching you about our complex healthcare delivery system and how it has evolved over the years. You'll learn from the faculty how services, policy, resources, costs and benefits are developed and delivered to the public.

And because today's healthcare customers are extremely diverse, our professors will also explore how cultural competencies in healthcare, empowering you to perform effectively and ethically in cross-cultural situations.

Some of the more advanced courses the faculty teach involve healthcare law and ethics, public and community health, health policy and healthcare finances. In the Healthcare Administration degree capstone course, your professor will guide you through a broad review of the business and healthcare educational knowledge, skills and competencies you've learned to date. This background will prepare you for a variety of healthcare administration and related professional roles.

The faculty will ensure you leave the program with a healthcare administration portfolio as well as personal branding tools to secure or advance a position in the healthcare field.

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