Information Technology Degree Faculty

Howard Janoff, Ed.D.

Howard Janoff,

Howard Janoff


Ed.D., Grand Canyon University
M.S., Philadelphia University
B.S., Temple University
CompTIA Network+ Technician
Certified A+ Systems Technician

Subject Areas: Networking, Network Security, Instructional Technology, Technology Management, Business Information Systems, Elementary Education, Organizational Leadership

Dr. Howard Janoff is a Professor of Information Technology at Peirce College. He joined Peirce in January of 2003 as an adjunct and came aboard as full time faculty in September of 2014.

He has completed graduate work (master's and doctorate) in Instructional Technology and Organizational Leadership. He began his teaching career with a stint in the Philadelphia School District, where he taught computers in K-5. He then moved into the corporate world for almost 10 years, working on help desks as a network administrator and manager. He takes his direct knowledge of the practical application of computer networking into the classroom each day. After his time in the corporate world, he returned to teaching in 2000, focusing on Microsoft and CompTIA certifications.

He moved into the post-secondary teaching venue in 2002 as an adjunct associate with several colleges. His subject areas were varied and included Computers, Mathematics and Education. He still teaches Computer Networking here at Peirce and stays current with educational practices by teaching courses in Elementary and Secondary Education.

Dr. Janoff's goal in teaching is to allow students to learn to learn for themselves. A classroom is made up of many people with varied and interesting backgrounds. Being able to incorporate these differences in order to create a more effective teaching environment is key to Dr. Janoff's success in the classroom. A teacher's role is that of a guide, and being able to lead the students through the fray is a vital part of the educational process.

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    Peirce College's full-time Information Technology degree professors will teach you the theoretical and practical lessons needed for a successful career in Information Technology. Our on-campus and online IT degrees have two concentrations for students to choose from: Networking, Administration and Information Security or Programming and Application Development.

    Networking, Administration and Information Security

    Our Networking concentration faculty begin the program by teaching students about maintenance, upgrade and repair of PCs, and their exam objectives are related to CompTIA's A+ certification. In your other introductory courses, the professors will teach you networking fundamentals like data communications and implementation of transmission media, LANs and WANs, network interconnections, network management and protocols. They'll also help you to develop a basic understanding of network security concepts, data communication security, infrastructure security and cryptography.

    Later in the program, the faculty will give you a comprehensive overview of the features and functions of a Microsoft Windows Server-based network and teach courses around wireless network security, help desk and customer support, Linux administration and network routing, switching, security and defense. In your capstone course, the faculty will guide you through a case study that tasks you with designing and implementing a network and developing a security plan for it.

    Programming and Application Development

    Knowledgeable a talented coders are in demand right now, with no signs of that demand slowing down. Peirce's Programming and Application Development faculty will teach you how to code and nurture the abilities of those who already have a programming background. First, you'll learn application software and computer programming basics needed to meet modern organizations' technology needs.

    Next, our faculty equips students to determine the customer's needs and to design and implement systems-based solutions. They'll teach you application development in the .NET environment involving courses in ASP, SQL, XML and the component object model for application development. Peirce's Programming and Application Development degree faculty will also prepare you to become a well-rounded IT professional by exploring lessons in systems analysis tools such as Microsoft Project and Visio. Finally, they'll challenge you to build a working program or prototype to demonstrate practical programming skills and knowledge.

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