Flexible Learning Options for Working Adults

Due to the pandemic, Peirce Fit and on-campus classes are not available at this time. All courses are offered 100% online. 

Thinking about earning the college degree you always wanted and always needed to propel your career forward? Great! Going back to school is a big decision, but at Peirce College you won’t be doing it alone, and you won’t be treated like you just graduated high school. We want to see you graduate and improve your professional outlook, and we’ve been helping students like you do just that for over 150 years thanks to our flexible learning options.

Online Learning

If you’re reading this, then you could be working toward your degree right where you are right now! That's because all you need to take online courses at Peirce is access to a computer and the internet. Click the link above to learn more about our online learning program.

Peirce Fit

Want to learn online when it’s convenient for you and in our Philadelphia campus when you need classroom support? Now you can with Peirce Fit. This flexible learning method lets you choose on a weekly basis from online learning and on-campus learning. Experience the flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

On Campus

Looking for a traditional classroom experience? Learn at our historic Philadelphia campus, located in Center City just minutes from parking and both SEPTA and PATCO public transit. Our staff and faculty can’t wait to you see in person, and our classrooms and library offer you a modernized learning environment to help you earn your degree.

Intensive Courses

In a hurry? Let us help you accelerate your education and get you closer to your degree. Our Winter and Online Intensive Courses allow you to complete courses in just three weeks, so you can earn credits quickly and continue onto your next course. Enroll now to complete an eight-week course in less than half the time!

Undergraduate Degree Success Story

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