Peirce Competency-Based IT Program

Competency-based education (CBE) is a fully online, self-paced way to learn that uses the knowledge you already have to place you on the most affordable, efficient and direct path to completing your bachelor's degree in IT with a concentration in Networking, Administration and Information Security. It will set you on the most direct path to your college degree at a pace and price that fits your career goals and your life.



CBE Explained in 90 Seconds

5 key ways competency-based education compares to traditional programs

 Competency-Based EducationTraditional Degree Programs
1.Lets you demonstrate what you already know, and customize your program so you study only the competencies you need to earn your degree. Follows a prescribed curriculum, with all specified courses required in an online or on-campus format and may require coursework in areas you have already mastered.
2.Fully online so you set the pace and complete your studies, projects and evaluations when and where it’s best for you. Follows a set schedule of classes with firm deadlines for papers, projects and exams.
3.One set fee per term allows you to take on as many competencies as you want. The faster you learn, the lower your overall cost. Tuition is determined on a cost-per-credit basis. You cannot accelerate or condense your program to reduce the overall cost.
4.Flexible, self-paced learning with guidance and program customization provided by a personal coach. Structured discussions, assignments, readings and projects due on a weekly basis.
5.Offers a fully accredited degree and qualifies for a wide range of financial aid options. Offers a fully accredited degree and qualifies for a wide range of financial aid options.

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Experience Gives You a Head Start

With competency-based education, your academic journey begins by getting college credit for the industry certifications you’ve earned and college courses you took before. Then, you’ll work with your personal coach to create a customized plan for any remaining competencies you need to complete. This allows you to focus your efforts solely on the remaining competencies you need to earn your competency-based degree. By condensing the amount of material you need to learn, you can earn your degree more efficiently.

Focus Only on the Skills You Need

At Peirce, our top priority is you. That’s why we’ll connect you with a personal coach who will help you along your path to graduation. Your coach will be available throughout the program to help with questions and challenges and to be your biggest supporter when you need him or her most. Plus, you’ll have access to our expert faculty who will provide direction and academic support as you work through the courses, projects, and evaluations.

You Set the Pace

Because competency-based education is self-paced, if you’re highly motivated to earn your degree quickly, there is nothing standing in your way. Plus, you can streamline your education, putting what you already know to good use, making competency-based education the most affordable way to complete your degree. You’ll pay one set fee per term and earn all the credits you can. The faster your pace, the sooner you earn your degree and the more money you save. View our tuition rates.

Increase Your Value for More Opportunity

A college degree increases your value on the job and in the marketplace. With Peirce College’s competency-based education, you’ll earn the same fully accredited college degree as our accelerated programs in less time and more affordably than ever before. Use it is as your launch pad to that next big promotion, exciting new career opportunities and greater earning potential. The competency-based education model at Peirce is currently offered in our IT bachelor’s degree program with a concentration in Networking, Administration and Information Security.

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