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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a group of credit earning methods that allow students to earn credit for college-level knowledge, skills and expertise gained through years of work, professional training, military training and other experiences.

PLA methods are typically much less costly than traditional course tuition and can save students time and money.

Modern prior learning assessment methods and techniques were developed, tested and validated in the 1970s by a consortium of institutions known as the Cooperative Assessment of Experiential Learning.

Today, prior learning assessment is accepted at thousands of regionally accredited colleges and universities across the country, including Peirce College.

At Peirce College, the main methods of earning credit through PLA are:

The PLA process gives students the opportunity to demonstrate they possess that college-level knowledge and earn credit for it. It is not experience that earns the credit. It is the knowledge gained from the experience that earns the credit. Possessing the college-level knowledge is the key.

For many adults, PLA validates the training they have completed and the expertise they have developed in their careers. PLA can also save students time and tuition when completing a degree.

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