Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

Class of 2014 Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration

At Peirce, many of our alums talk about their educational journey and the obstacles that can interrupt adult learners as they earn their degrees. For Anthony Williams, that path to graduation was especially remarkable.

"The biggest challenge was when I was deployed to Kuwait, and internet access wasn't always available. I had to complete writing assignments and homework on my phone, which was tough, but everyone at Peirce was so supportive and understanding. In the end, it was all worth it."

A Remarkable Journey to Graduation

A staff sergeant in the National Guard, Anthony was deployed to Kuwait shortly after he had returned to school to earn his bachelor's degree. "At the time, I wasn't sure how well it would all turn out with Peirce," Anthony admits. "It's a lot to balance, and with any transition, there are challenges."

“ Just find the time. ”

Luckily, through his persistence and with some help from his Peirce team, Anthony was able to continue to work toward his degree while he was deployed. "I communicated with my Peirce professors through email, and they were very responsive, allowing me to meet all of my deadlines," Anthony explains. "I was also able to access The Walker Center, [Peirce's student services center] online. I would usually submit my papers to a Walker Center tutor first, and they would provide feedback to me over email. It was great to still be able to take advantage of those services even from thousands of miles away."

Anthony graduated from Peirce College in June 2014 with his bachelor's in Business Administration; now, he works for Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and is continuing his education at Peirce, earning his Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management. He's also still a proud service member in the National Guard. Anthony's advice to other active duty service members trying to figure out how to fit earning their degree into their already busy lives?

"Just find the time."Even if it means staying up late, or getting up early, or spending less time with your family, the difference you're making in your life and theirs is worth it. Look at it as delayed gratification, and keep working toward your dream."

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