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Frank Clement

Frank Clement

Frank Clement

Class of 2013 Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies

I dropped out of high school when I was 16 to take care of my mother and siblings. At the time, I believed that I could just make a quick buck taking an odd job here and there, and that was the best way to earn a living. But I quickly understood that wasn't the answer. I needed an education.

Planning for the Future

After recognizing that I needed to go back to school, I earned my GED and enrolled at a community college, but I wanted a more personal approach to my education. I visited the Graduate! Philadelphia office, learned about Peirce College, and the rest was history. I started my associate degree in May of 2008, determined to not become a dropout statistic.

“ I had to think of a better future for myself then, and now I'm planning a better future for my family. ”

I had to think of a better future for myself then, and now I am planning a better future for my family. I owe a great deal to the awesome staff at Peirce College for keeping faith in me through the ups and downs, the mentors that encouraged me to seek higher education when I did not want to, and a great mom that supported me.

At the age of 25, I earned my bachelors degree in Paralegal Studies with a tremendous amount of assistance from Peirce. They really supported me and my needs during my time in college. I feel as though I have grown up these last five years.

My bachelors degree in Paralegal Studies is for my family and my family-in-law, my friends that stayed with me during the many sacrifices, my father who is not here to see these accomplishments, my loving and devoted wife, and my faith in God for helping me throughout this journey at Peirce.

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