Gregory D Wright Jr

Gregory D Wright Jr

Gregory D Wright Jr

Class of 2018 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies

In 2012, Gregory D. Wright, Jr. graduated from high school and immediately entered the military. After serving our country for several years, he returned home to an inspirational mother who persuaded him to continue following his dreams by heading back to school.

“[My mother] truly inspired me to want to further my education and to go further than I ever thought possible,” says Gregory.

Following his mother’s words of wisdom, he found himself at a university in no time. Unfortunately, the big school setting was not for him, and he decided his current situation was not where he wanted to be.

“ I always felt like I was learning a lot ”

Finding the Right Fit

After jumping around a bit between jobs while continuing his search of schools to fulfill his and his mother’s dreams, Gregory’s best friend gave him a suggestion: Peirce College.

Peirce College had what his best friend – who was completing his associate degree with Peirce at the time – needed. It turned to have what Gregory needed too.

Gregory enrolled in Peirce’s Criminal Justice program. From there, his dreams started to become reality. “Because of Peirce I was able to apply to the Philadelphia Police Department. As of September 12, 2016, I was accepted into that program as a Philadelphia police recruit and have since graduated,” explains Gregory. “Once my degree is completed I will be able to use it to advance within the Philadelphia Police Department. As of right now, I am a Police Officer, but with my degree I can climb to the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and, one day, maybe even the Commissioner.”

Getting the Support to Get It Done

Gregory says the connections and community surrounding him at Peirce College drew him in and made him want to keep going. “What kept me at Peirce were the professors who know exactly what they are talking about,” says Gregory. “I always felt like I was learning a lot and getting to know them, their background, their teaching history; it was all so interesting.”

He adds that the supportive relationships he built with his professors helped him along. “The fact that I was able to become personable with my professors, admissions and advising made me feel like a part of the community. You can feel everyone pushing you and wanting you to do your absolute best.”

As Gregory continues to chase his dreams of earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in May 2018, he still finds time to do some of his favorite things such as working out, eating and, of course, hanging out with his family. “My family is extremely important to me, so being surrounded and supported by them is definitely needed,” says Gregory. He also still finds time to give his mother a lot of credit for getting him to where he is today. “She has done so much to make sure that I make it to that stage in May 2018. I am truly standing tall and strong because of her and her sacrifices for me.”

We applaud Gregory for all his current and future accomplishments and we look forward to seeing him cross the commencement stage soon!

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