John-Patrick Schultz, Ph.D.

John-Patrick Schultz

John-Patrick Schultz

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Villanova University
M.A., Villanova University
B.A., LaSalle University

Subject Areas: Humanities

Dr. John-Patrick Schultz joined the Peirce community in 2017. He serves as an Associate Professor in Peirce's General Education Program.

Dr. Schultz is from the Philadelphia area and currently resides in Center City with his wife and son. He earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religion at La Salle University in 2006. After college, he volunteered as a high school teacher in Washington State, where he began to see how the humanities can help students to see themselves and their world differently and to ask deep and important questions. Afterwards, he returned to Philadelphia to study philosophy, earning his M.A. in 2010 and his Ph.D. in 2014. He received the Harvey Award for Teaching Excellence at Villanova in 2013.

His teaching interests include philosophy as well as the humanities generally. He teaches and is the course coordinator for "Introduction to Ethics" (HUM 102), "Leadership and the Humanities" (HUM 275), "The Great Thinkers" (HUM 300), and "Practical Reasoning" (COM312). Dr. Schultz's goal as a teacher is to empower students: to encourage them to rigorously question their world as well as to change it for the better.

Dr. Schultz's research is in social and political philosophy, social movements and revolution. Currently, he explores the "Utopian imagination" that has been driving many social movements over the past 30 years. He analyzes the ways that that imagination can spur groups to hope for a better world and to strive to achieve it, even when change seems impossible.

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