Malana Williams

Malana Williams

Malana Williams

Class of 2017 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Persistence is the key to success

That’s what Malana Williams reminded herself every day as she continued pushing through her educational journey to earn her bachelor’s degree.

Malana started her Peirce College experience back in 1998. She was inspired to go to college after being reminded of the importance of education.

“I was motivated to return to Peirce College because I lost my position to a person that held a degree,” said Malana. “Their degree was unrelated to my position but they got the job simply because they had a degree and I did not.”

Despite being a union employee, her lack of college experience meant her job was not secure. Malana worked hard and began to climb the ladder but quickly had a realization that her mobility was limited when she was told she was the exception to the rule.

“ The decision to go back to the school was the best decision I have made in my life. ”

Malana said, “It did not matter how awesome I was at my job. What did matter was I did not have a college degree, and that had become a mandatory requirement for my position. The years of experience I had were no longer my edge, especially in an economy that was plummeting at the time. I was laid off and [became] a member of the long-term unemployed.”

Instead of letting this encounter keep her down, Malana decided to better herself by heading back to school. Malana knew she wanted to find a college that would allow her to work and go to school simultaneously and that had small class sizes, so she could have more individualized support. After searching the Philadelphia area, Malana found that Peirce College was the school that best matched her needs.

“The curriculum [at Peirce College] is designed for the working adult. The staff is there not only to teach but to ensure your success,” explained Malana.

Hard work pays off

As of June 2017, Malana finally was able to accomplish her goal after years of perseverance. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Professional Studies.

Now that she has her degree, Malana has big plans to give back to those in similar life positions as she once was.

“I want to focus on building a non-profit organization which provides resources for Philadelphia students that exhibit strong potential for success,” Malana said. “If I can assist in removing the roadblocks as Peirce College did for me, I believe many more students will have the opportunity to go on to college and follow a path that leads to success.”

Congratulations, Malana, on achieving your goals!

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