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Welcome to the Peirce College Center for Male Engagement! We are glad you are here.

The Center's goal is to build a sense of belonging for all of Peirce's male students and their families, as well as resources and support to meet the unique needs of Black and brown male students. Members receive access to dynamic workshops and events, 1:1 coaching, and professional seminars to help increase your academic excellence, identity consciousness, leadership competency, and community engagement.

Join the CME today to take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Personalized Mentoring: Staff dedicated to your success will serve as mentors to guide you through the challenges of higher education & life. Mentors will help you establish goals, locate and overcome obstacles, and track progress toward the outcomes you want.
  • CME Peer Support: Build a mutual support system with your peers and student colleagues. Join us monthly for gatherings that create opportunities for lasting authentic relationships that are sure to add value to your academic, professional, and personal life. Am I my brother's keeper? I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER.
  • Dedicated Digital Resources: Access the Peirce LibGuide library, conveniently located in our student portal, including financial resources, academic resources, training & internship opportunities, and more. Plus, students can view previously recorded workshops and interviews via the on demand video library.
  • Networking/On- and Off-Campus Events: This is where a sense of belonging and exposure to the value of our network is experienced. As we gather, students and the community at large converge to share information and provide opportunities to view or participate in rich dialogue on pervasive topics relevant to our community. In addition, we also sponsor off-campus trips to other colleges, museums, sporting events, and out-of-town conferences for men of color.
  • Community Engagement: Leadership is activated and demonstrated through all of the members of CME. We prioritize civic engagement as a platform to execute the values and actions consistent with being a positive contributor to our communities. Partnerships with local non-profits and other people serving entities are utilized to reach and teach those most in need.

Meet the Director:


Mr. Terrence C. Jones is the Director of Academic Enrichment at Peirce College, serving the Center for Male Engagement. His work in higher education spans the complete student life cycle from admissions to graduation, resulting in student centered supports and success related outcomes. A snapshot of this work includes the implementation of innovative retention strategies, amplifying sense of belonging, emotional intelligence, resilience, academic skill building, motivation, leadership, and increased graduation rates among marginalized and under-represented student populations. He is inexhaustibly passionate about the pursuit of purpose, the demonstration of excellence, and the art of consistency.

Contact Terrence and the Center for Male Engagement at or 215.545.6400.

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