Save Time and Money with Sophia Courses 

Peirce College is partnering with Sophia to save students time and money. Peirce has evaluated several low-cost, online courses offered by Sophia for credit and aligned those courses with the College's undergraduate degree programs.

This means you can take select, low-cost, online course via Sophia in business, science, information technology, the humanities, math and social sciences, apply those courses to your degree at Peirce and save thousands on tuition and books. This can also accelerate your pace to finishing your associate or bachelor's degree. 

Sophia offers flexible subscription plans based on how many courses you are able to take in a month. If you are thinking about enrolling at Peirce, contact our Admissions team to see what Sophia courses can fit into your degree plan. We can review your transfer credits and map out your personalized pathway to degree completion. 

See below for our current Sophia course equivalencies.

Sophia Course

Peirce Equivalency



Business & IT



Business CommunicationBusiness Elective3
Business LawLAW 103 Business Law3

Financial Accounting

ACC 101 Accounting Principles


Introduction to Business 

BUS 100 Introduction to Business


Introduction to Information Technology

IT Elective


Introduction to Programming with PythonBIS 112 Programming Concepts3
Introduction to Relational DatabasesBIS 235 Database Management Systems3
Introduction to Web DevelopmentBIS 201 HTML and the World Wide Web3
Principles of FinanceFIN 201 Introduction to Finance3

Principles of Management

MGT 210 Applied Management Concepts


Project Management MIS 302 Project Management 3


English & Communications



Conflict ResolutionGeneral Education Core3

English Composition I

ENG 101 English Composition


English Composition II

ENG 103 Rhetoric and Research


Public Speaking 

General Education Core- if taken after July 2017


Visual Communications 




Electives, General Education, & Humanities 



Art HistoryHumanities Core - if taken after May 20203
Art History IIHumanities Core - if taken after May 20203

Ancient Greek Philosophers

Humanities Core  


Approaches to Studying ReligionsHumanities Core3

Introduction to Ethics 

Humanities Core 


Spanish I

General Education Core


United States History I (if taken after May 2020)HIS 105 United States History I3
United States History II (if taken after May 2020)History Core3


Social Sciences & Sociology



Introduction to Psychology: Smarter Decisions Through PsychologyPSY 101 Introduction to Psychology3

Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration

SOC 101 General Sociology


MacroeconomicsECO 101 Macroeconomics3
MicroeconomicsECO 102 Microeconomics3

Taking Charge of Your Economic Future

FIN 100 Introduction to Personal Finance or Business Elective



Science & Mathematics



Calculus IMAT 213 Calculus I3
College AlgebraMAT 102 College Algebra3
Environmental ScienceScience Core3

Human Biology

Science Core


Introduction to ChemistryScience Core 3

Introduction to College Mathematics

MAT 101 Introduction to College Mathematics


Introduction to StatisticsMAT 109 Statistics I3


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