Gregory D Wright, Jr.

Gregory Wright

Gregory Wright, Jr. '18

Gregory Wright, Jr. is driven by a desire to serve his country and his community. He enlisted in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard before he graduated high school. Today, he continues his service in the National Guard and as a police officer in the Philadelphia Police Department.  

“Without Peirce, none of this would have happened,” said Wright, who credits his mother for inspiring him to continue his education. “Peirce gave me the confidence to not only chase my dreams, but to catch them.”

Wright initially enrolled at a large, traditional institution but it was not a good fit. A close friend suggested Peirce College and he enrolled in the school’s Criminal Justice program. 

He often tells colleagues that Peirce saved him about two years by accepting so many transfer credits, including military training, Philadelphia Police Academy training, and previous college courses. He completed his BS in Criminal Justice in 2018.

“Peirce helped me balance my work life and my school life,” said Wright. “I was able to transfer so many credits to Peirce that I graduated faster.”

Wright recalled that the faculty and staff at Peirce College fostered his drive to finish his bachelor’s degree and achieve his professional goals. 

“The fact that I was able to become personable with my professors, admissions and advising made me feel like a part of the community,” he said. “You can feel everyone pushing you and wanting you to do your absolute best.”



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