William Blackman

William Blackman

William Blackman '14, '17

William Blackman is an extraordinary example of someone who proves you are never too old to go back to school and advance your education. 

Blackman enrolled at the Peirce College at age 67 to finish his college degree and inspire his grandson to value the importance of education. He had served in the military and completed a 23-year career with the Philadelphia Police Department.

After his retirement from the police department, he re-entered the military and began assisting younger soldiers with their education – which is when he found Peirce College.

“I valued my time with my classmates, the deans and the professors. The entire staff of Peirce is fantastic. They will stop and talk to you,” he said. “Peirce knows their people.”

In 2014, Blackman finished his BS in Business Administration but he was not done yet. Next, he enrolled in the MS in Organizational Leadership and Management degree to continue inspiring his grandson through the power of example.

“The transition from the bachelor’s program to the graduate program was easy,” said Blackman. “Everyone cares about you and wants to see you graduate.”

He completed his master’s in 2017 and has advice for anyone, especially veterans, thinking about going back to school.

“Consider Peirce College for your undergraduate or graduate degree,” he said. “Peirce College cares about people. Everyone becomes family – a family that wants to see you succeed.”

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