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The Center for Workforce Innovation at Peirce College is dedicated to helping more learners move into high-growth careers and occupations that pay family-sustaining wages.

We understand that the continued displacement of workers in low-wage jobs is compounding unemployment woes and that existing disparities are having a distressing effect on diverse communities - here in Philadelphia and beyond.

Our goal is to build bridges between lower-wage jobs and local opportunity occupations through a market-driven portfolio of workshops, noncredit programs and courses that create mobile, flexible and affordable paths to obtaining industry-recognized credentials, critical knowledge and skills. Our options equip learners with the information and resources needed for career confidence.

We are developing an alternative credentialing ecosystem for:

  • retail, customer service, hospitality and food service workers in lower wage jobs who have many of the core skills required to excel in a number of higher-wage opportunity occupations
  • small business owners and members of the skilled trades who are interested in increasing financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to drive business results
  • near finishers who have college credits and work experience and wish to finish their degree to change occupations and gain mobility
  • individuals who want to expand their current skills and advance their lives
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